About Amy

I grew up in a small town in Connecticut, so small that it had only one stop light and more trees than people. During my youth I struggled in school from a lack of understanding my different learning disabilities. I felt disconnected but didn’t know why. Even though I didn’t fully realize it at the time, I’ve always had a strong entrepreneur mindset and large capacity for learning. After many long and frustrating days in High School I would go home and teach myself how to code using HTML and CSS through trail and error. I just thought everyone was good at computers.

After the very end of High School I started to focus all my energy on dance and it changed my perspective on the entire world. I began to discover new ways to process information and then was able to see direct results from my hard work. Even though I started to dance later than most professional dancers I had an insensible yearning to learn that enabled me to sponge up ballet and modern technique quicker than most. I took every class I could while studying at the Hartford Conservatory and classes outside of school. In 2004, I started my professional dance career with a dance company and performed throughout the US all while continuing my studies with the Limon Professional Studies Program. As a dancer, I’ve learned the value of team work, the art of collaborating and what it really means to be dedicated. Dance has provided me with many great opportunities to teach, choreograph, stage management and fulfill the role as a rehearsal director. Now, I'm amazed how skills I've obtained through dance have weaved effortlessly into other seemingly non-related parts of my life.


Another passionate of mine is the environment, and I spend time thinking of creative ways to make an impact that is greater than me. One culminations of this passion is, Trashion Fashion, which is an organization whose mission is to promote creative reuse in our society by challenging individuals to create wearable art with items diverted from the waste stream. I've built this organization from the ground up. When I began this organization I leaned heavily on my skills as a stage manager, choreographer and rehearsal director. It has been an incredible journey and I’ve gown so much. It has helped me develop many skills that I would have never thought I had, from managing a team, bookkeeping, strategic planning, creative direction, social media marketing, PR, HR, curation, development and communications. I’ve been asked to speak at places such as FIT, Stamford Museum and many schools throughout Connecticut, DC and New York City. I’ve been able to connect to people from over 50 different countries who are all passionate about creativity and the environment.

Obstacles are really just opportunities